PoE مدیا کانورتر 100/1000mbps و Simplex

امتیاز :
کد محصول : S-PE-100-SSC-20

دارای یک پورت PoE با توان 15/5 وات

دارای پورت فیبر نوری تک کر SC

قابل استفاده به صورت فرستنده و گیرنده ( لینکی)

پشتیبانی از استاندارد  IEEE 802.3af

مسافت قابل انتقال روی پورت شبکه:  100 متر

مسافت قابل انتقال روی پورت فیبر نوری:  20 کیلو متر

قابلیت Auto negotiation

قابلیت MDI/MDI-X  

دارای پهنای باند mbps  100/1000

قابلیتPlay  Plug and 

دمای عملکردی: 0 +65 

رطوبت محیط:   Non-condensing  0 90%

AC85-260v/50Hzولتاژ تغذیه:

زمان بروز خطا درسیستم: بیشتر از 105 ساعت

ابعاد: mm 25.5 x 99x 116 

وزن: 0.65kg

The S-PE-100-SSC-20 PoE mediaconverter is able to convert 100/1000 Mbps network signals betweenUnshielded Twisted Pair (Cat 5 network cabling) and Supply power to Cat5Ethernet network surveillance cameras. This device can be used between1000Base-TX cable and 1000Base-FX fiber optic based networks. Thisdevelops extension of networks over a long range in single-mode viafiber-optic cabling, send the Ethernet signals up to 20km. This deviceutilizes two cores in order to transmit and receive the information onfiber optic cable.

This S-
PE-100-SSC-20 suppliesa 1000Base-TX cable and 1000Base-FX fiber cable or 100Base-T cable and100Base-FL fiber cable and also 10Base-TX cable and 10Base-FX fibercable for the data transmission auto-negotiating Ethernet connector thatholds up full duplex and half duplex network connection and MDI/MDI-XAuto Crossover. 

Smartdesigning and Plug and play design makes easy installation, easy LEDmonitoring, no on-site adjustment, electricity interfaces are in linewith known standards, Products applicable to different harsh industrialenvironment

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Product Name

Single Port Dual Fiber Gigabit PoE Media Converter

Product Model



1x copper cable RJ45 port +1x PoE port, support power supply

Transmission Distance


Fiber Description

Simplex fiber, SC port

Network Bandwidth



IEEE 802.3i 10BASET
IEEE 802.3u 100BASETX
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
IEEE 802.1af DTE Power via MDI
IEEE 802.3af

LED Indicator

PoE working Status, Rate, Full-Duplex/Half-Duplex, Data Link,System

Power Supply

Total power: 15.4W
Power Input: AC110-260V(can be customized different power sockets for different countries)

External power supply

Dimension/ Weight

Dimension : 116 x 99 x 25.5mm
Weight : 0.65kg

Working Environment

Working Temperature:0° 55°C

Storage Temperature: -20° 75°C

Working Humidity: 10%90%, non-condensing

Storage Humidity: 10%95%, non-condensing

Operational Altitude: 3000m (10,000ft)

Storage Altitude: 3000m (10,000ft)


CE mark, commercial

FCC Part 15 Class B
VCCI Class B
EN 55022 (CISPR 22), Class B


CE mark, commercial

CE/LVD EN60950, RoHS


1 year warranty ( 2 years warranty for power adapter)