HDSDI Video Converter

امتیاز :
کد محصول : S-8V1bD-SMPTE-292-1.5

    This device is a very reliable and high performance in order to transmit several channels HD-SDI video on  optical cores. SAE-8V1bD-SMPTE-292-1.5   designedin a way that work in zero warm up time and is very  real-time,loss-free and high-quality HD video  transmission over an optical line.Additionally, the equipment can have  one channel  bi-directional RS485data channel, also we can  add your other options such as audio, contactclosure, RS422, RS232 data , which might be used in CCTV and TV projectlive broadcasting, HD video conferencing, video monitoring.

The  SAE-8V1bD-SMPTE-292-1.5    can be built in desktop and  rack mounted models as the customer order, and the fiber connection can order too. Itplanned with embedded ESD with  surge protection circuit to avoid damage from electrostatic charges  and thunder incidents. Optionally, wecan add consol of CLI in rack mounted model( NMS) in order to managebetter of the equipments. Also we can use every optical connector thatthe customer want to work with.