Fiber Optic Converter, 1ch Data bidirectional

امتیاز :
کد محصول : 1bD-S

TheOne channel reverse bidirectional Data of our products, use advancedanalog and digital technologies for pursuing high performancebidirectional data transmission over fiber optic. The transceiver cansend signals more than 100 kilometers on fiber. 

 This link work properly in critical (very high and too low) temperature environments and work for years without any degradation in expected quality.

 Thisequipment is fully transparent from front-end video device perspective.Just one fiber core is used to transmit all mentioned signals which canbe any kind of fiber cables. The equipment also adopt non-compressedanalog (video composite) signal in PAL or NTSC mode.

 ThisOptical Transceiver is easily monitored by virtue of LED indication ofworking status and with   out any electrical or optical regulation onsite.

This product is released in standalone and rack-mount(2U/4U) packages.