Media Converter SC 100/1000mbps simplex

امتیاز :
کد محصول : S-100-SSC-20

SAE provides a thorough, and complete series of One Port Media conversion solutions for flexible network extensions.

TheSAE-100-SSC-20 media converter is able to convert 100/1000 Mbps networksignals between Unshielded Twisted Pair (Cat 5 network cabling) .Thisdevice can be used between 1000Base-TX cable and 1000Base-FX fiber opticbased networks. This develops extension of networks over a long rangein single-mode via fiber-optic cabling, send the Ethernet signals up to20km. This device utilizes just one core in order to transmit andreceive the information on fiber optic cable.

ThisSAE-100-SSC-20 supplies a 1000Base-TX cable and 1000Base-FX fiber cableor 100Base-T cable and 100Base-FL fiber cable and also 10Base-TX cableand 10Base-FX fiber cable for the data transmission auto-negotiatingEthernet connector that holds up full duplex and half duplex networkconnection and MDI/MDI-X Auto Crossover. 

Smartdesigning and Plug and play design makes easy installation, easy LEDmonitoring, no on-site adjustment, electricity interfaces are in linewith known standards, Products applicable to different harsh industrialenvironment