PoE Switch 9port 10/100 mbps, SFP

امتیاز :
کد محصول : S-PE890-FDG

ThisType: SAE-PE890-FDG switch provides a network point for power supplyand data transmission. All the 8 Ethernet ports can be connected with10/100Mps quickly, and the uplink port is 8.8Gbps fiber interface, amongwhich 1-8 ports can provide standard IEEE 802.3af power supply. Due theadvanced self-sensing algorithm supply power for IEEE802.af terminalunit only, there is no need to worry about damaging proprietary PoE ornon-PoE standard equipment. In addition, it will stop power supply whenPoE devices are not connected. In short, The PoE31108PF features simpleand reliable design, automatic identification PoE

requirements, duplex and high-speed.

Thiscost-effective SAE-PE890-FDG provide network layout need to simplifywireless access point (AP) and IP-based surveillance cameras networkcameras in order to install in commercial network and home network. Thedevices far away from power socket are very suitable for hanging on thewall or ceiling. PoE eliminates the need for connecting these   devicesto power socket. So it make more flexible for those difficult to connectwith AC power socket, and cut down the installation cost. It is idealchoice for those want to deploy a small commercial network and homenetwork that use wireless access point (AP) and IP-based surveillancecameras.