PoE Switch 8 Port Long

امتیاز :
کد محصول : S-PE890-LF

Thisequipment can prepare a field that power and data can feed from asingle point, using Power over Ethernet (PoE) over a single cable. Onenine Fast Ethernet ports it prepared any 10/100 Mbps link and the restof eight ports can supply industry-standard IEEE 802.3af power for everyPOE standard devices.
Regards to using advanced auto-sensing algorithm the
SAE-PE890-LF givespower only to IEEE802.3af front-end devices, so don't worry aboutconnecting PoE or non-PoE devices to this feeder. Additionally, thisgood gives up the power when PoE devices are disconnected.Intelligently, this PoE Switch SAE-PE890-LF can recognize automatically PoE demands of devices, speed, duplex, and cable type using Auto Uplink™.