E&M on E1

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کد محصول : S-1EM24E1HDB3-SLAVE

SAE-8EME1-30A-G703 PCMmultiplexer can transmit at maximum of 30 channels of EM2/4,voice/telephone or data signals over coaxial cable(E1 protocole). SAE-8EME1-30A-G703 ismodular equipment. This equipment could accommodate more than 10 typesof plug-in cards including FXO/FXS,E&M2/4-wire,V.24,V.35,Magnetsensors, Hotline  andetc. All plug-inreplaceable cards could be insertedinto or removed from the slots on themain board, which makes SAE-8EME1-30A-G703 very flexible.

 Theutilized components in product were rigorous screened, have superiorperformance in stability, environmental adaptability. A real highquality shell was made by aluminum, strong, resist and electromagneticinterference, ensure stability and security of this product. Power inputalso chooses a suitable industry-standard types of power connector, toget more powerful resistance to environment.